Mack Daddy’s Blackener

A Cooking Masterpiece…


The Mack Daddy’s Blackener is a very heavy duty, 100% cast iron blackening and all-purpose skillet. The Mack Daddy’s Blackener was invented over 25 years ago and was originally named the “Bayou Blackener”. Thousands of this popular skillet were sold through mail order, QVC, and Home Shopping. The Mack Daddy’s Blackener is a very high quality skillet and proudly made in the U.S.A. by Lodge Manufacturing, the oldest and largest cast iron cookware manufacturer in America. Care for your skillet properly and it will last you a hundred years.

What makes the Mack Daddy’s Blackener different from other skillets?
The Mack Daddy’s Blackener is about TWICE AS THICK as any other cast iron skillet you can buy which enables it to hold heat better and longer – key components while blackening. It is 100% cast iron and we believe it is the very best blackening skillet you can buy. The Mack Daddy’s Blackener truly is… A Cooking Masterpiece…

How many ways can I use my Mack Daddy’s Blackener?
1. Outside on the grill (steak, fish, chicken, shrimp, fajitas, pizza, etc.)
2. On top of the stove (eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, etc.)
3. In the oven (baked potatoes, biscuits, cookies, etc.)

What is Blackening?
Blackening is a delicious cooking technique often associated with Cajun cuisine. The food is dipped in melted butter, sprinkled with a mixture of herbs and spices, and then cooked quickly on a very hot cast iron skillet.

What kind of foods do you blacken?
Blackened foods are typically meat: Steak, Fish, Chicken, and Shrimp but we’ve also blackened Mushrooms and found them to be delicious too.

Blackening…Easy as 1 -2-3
Choose your desired meat.
1. Dip in melted butter
2. Sprinkle blackening seasoning on both sides to taste
3. Cook outside on the grill on your Mack Daddy’s Blackener

Blackening Tips
1. ALWAYS blacken outdoors as there is a lot of smoke created during the blackening process.
2. If you like spicy food – add more blackening seasoning.
3. Many different flavors of blackening seasoning are available at your local grocery store.
Remember: Blackening involves very high heat and cooking times vary.

The Mack Daddy’s Blackener is a high quality product that will help you make many delicious and gourmet foods. The Mack Daddy’s Blackener is a must have because it truly is…

A Cooking Masterpiece…
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Mack Daddy’s Suggestions for your Mack Daddy’s Blackener
1. Blackened (Steak, Fish, Chicken, Shrimp, and Mushrooms) on the grill
2. Fajitas on the grill
3. Seared Tuna on the grill
4. Pizza on the grill
5. Eggs, Pancakes, Grilled Cheese on the stove
6. Baked Potatoes in the oven

Mack Daddy’s Testimonials

“Best cast iron pan made! My dad had one for 20+ years and this past year I ordered them for my brothers. Tom provided the best customer service possible and I would recommend anyone who loves great food to order this blackener!” – Emily

“I ordered a blackener for my husband’s birthday and we just love it. It sure beats the regular old iron skillets. Now I would like to order one for our friends.”
– R.G., Winter Springs, FL

“We used your Skillet to make baked potatoes. They were the best baked potatoes, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.”
– E. Fallon, Orlando, FL.

“Thanks Tom, I did use the blackener for potatoes – AWSOME! Doing BBQ this weekend and using your sauce. I’ll email ya on Monday.”
– Ben D., Orlando, FL.

“That blackener really does make the best baked potatoes I ever had. Unbelievable!”
– S. G., Melbourne, FL.

“I received your Blackener a few days ago. I am very impressed with your product; therefore I wish to order another one for a close personal friend.”
– J.C., Leesburg, FL

“Several weeks ago I ordered two of your blackeners and received them very promptly. I am writing to say the blackener is everything you stated and more. I would like to order another one for a friend’s birthday. Here I go again for the third time; I would like to order another one of your skillets.”
– M.W, Wisconsin

“I have one of these and it is super.”
– H. B., Orlando, FL

“We have one of these blackeners and have really enjoyed using it. We have friends who want one.”
– A.T., Greenville, SC

“I ordered a blackener for my husband’s birthday and we just love it. It sure beats the regular old iron skillets. Now I would like to order one for our friends.”
– R.G., Winter Springs, FL

“Thank you for calling me back about my order for another blackener. I have told all of my friends about your tremendous product.”
– G.R., Orlando, FL

“I read of you cooking revolution and tried it at a neighbor’s house last weekend. I am a believer. The fresh fish we had melted in our mouth.”
– W.W., Casselberry, FL

“I recently purchased a blackener and found it to be all I expected. Accordingly, I would like to ship one as a gift for my brother.”
– J.S., Debarry, FL

“We ordered a blackener and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We have dazzled many a guest with the end result….fabulous.”
– M.J., Paisley, FL

“I’ve sent one of your fantastic blackeners to my boss, my mother, and now I want to send one to a friend.”
– J.B., Miami, FL

“I would like to order three more blackeners as we have friends who love cooking on it.”
– E.A., Miami, FL

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