Mack Daddy’s Hawg Sauce Testimonials — BBQ Sauce Lovers’ Stories

“I had company party and used the Mack Daddy’s Hawg Sauce. We grilled ribs and served them with the sauce. THIS IS A PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH. It is the perfect combination of salty, spicy & sweet. Everyone raved about it. Thanks for making a great sauce.”
– E. Fallon, Orlando, FL

“Hi Tom, your BBQ Sauce was a smashing HIT! We put it on our pork ribs, and used it as a dipping sauce. Everyone thought it was terrific. Definitely my go to now. Thanks so much Tom!”
– Marilyn S., St. Petersburg, FL

“I was finally able to cook the chicken breasts last night. Your sauce is really good! I am not usually a big fan of barbeque sauce because I think it is usually too sweet or too strongly flavored, but you sauce really was perfect. My husband even brought the bottle to the table so he could put more on his. Thank you again for the bottles!”
– Kelly S., Melbourne, FL

“By the way, we had a client come in and I gave her one of your sauces, she opened it right here and tasted it and was hooked! Said it was the best BBQ sauce she has tasted.”
– Shannon T., Melbourne, FL

“Regardless, I wanted to let you know how much we liked your friend’s BBQ sauce. We had some company down from Boston and decided to have a cook-out. We used the sauce, without saying anything about where it came from and our friends couldn’t say enough about how good the flavor was.”
– Mary C., Orlando, FL

“I introduced my Family to Mack Daddy’s Hawg sauce and we all agree that this was the first barbecue sauce that I didn’t have to add anything to. Now when my family comes over it is the first thing asked for at our table.”
– C.J., Orlando, FL

“This sauce is must for ribs and chicken and is great when added to pork and beans. The family uses it instead of ketchup.”
– M.W., Tampa, FL

“I often buy rotisserie chickens in the supermarkets when I don’t have time to cook a big meal. This sauce is so delicious to dip a bite size piece of chicken in you can’t believe it.”
– J.G., Melbourne, FL

“As a certified KCBS barbecue Judge who has judged over 20 contests I can say this barbecue sauce is one of my favorites.”
– T.L., Clearwater, FL

“It’s delicious, delightful, and downright good.”
– J.M., Melbourne, FL

“Very tasty with a hint of a kick!”
– P.D., St. Augustine, FL

“I dined on barbecue from Texas to South Carolina and that sauce that you’re making down there in Florida in one of the best I’ve ever tasted.”
– B.L., Athens, GA

“I cook fish on my grill often. I tried basting some salmon with your sauce while it was cooking and it turned out to be the best salmon I ever tasted. Now it is the only way I fix it.”
– B.P., Melbourne, FL

“Mack Daddy’s Hawg Sauce is outstanding. We’ve tried almost all of the name brand BBQ sauces but consider yours to be the best. It really compliments the flavor of your beef or chicken or pork and is a real “taste delight” experience.”
– B.A., Clearwater, FL

“This sauce really is our favorite because it is good on so many things especially grilled chicken and pork chops. We also use it to upgrade Subway sandwiches and we like it as a shrimp and hors d’oeuvres dip.”
– B.P., Clearwater, FL