Mack Daddy’s Award Winning Hawg Sauce NOW Sold in Bass Pro!

Mack Daddy’s Elite BBQ Sauces can be found in:
Petty’s Meat Market, Melbourne
Bass Pro Shops: ALL FL Stores, Springfield, Missouri; Dallas, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Rancho, California; Memphis, Tennessee; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Tacoma, Washington.
Green Turtle Market, Indian Harbor Beach, FL
Downtown Produce, Melbourne, FL
Melbourne Beach Grocery Store
• ACE Hardware Stores
Strike Zone
Thrifty Market

mack daddys hawg sauceManufacturers’ reps often bestow appreciation gifts on customers, stuff like calendars, mugs and pens. Thomas Gates gave out the barbecue sauce he himself had made.

“I was passing out barbecue sauce in mason jars, and people loved it,” said Gates, who with his wife used to slave over a five-gallon pot to concoct complex sauces that could entail as many as 35 ingredients.

“It would take about three to four hours just to put the ingredients in the pot because there were so many ingredients,” said the Melbourne resident.

“I would tweak the recipe every time I made it over the years to improve the flavor. My goal was to try not to make it too sweet or too hot or too spicy and make it appeal to as many people as possible.”

Gates’ special sauce was indeed so appealing that some of Gates’ customers would ask for a case at a time, which had Gates making about 100 cases a year, all to give away.

“I would almost choke but I couldn’t refuse when people asked,” he said

All five flavors are packed in 16-ounce bottles (19-ounces net weight), with prices ranging from $5.99 to $7.99, depending on the retailer. Mack Daddy’s are very versatile sauces, too.

“People use our sauces to cook with, and they also use them as condiments or dipping sauces for a variety of meats,” said Gates.

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(courtesy of FL Today, Melbourne)

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