Our Story

The Tale Behind the Sauce — Our BBQ Story

My name is Tom Gates, founder and CEO of Mack Daddy’s Inc. Thank you so much for your interest in Mack Daddy’s Hawg Sauce. This is our story…

family mack daddysMy basic recipe for Mack Daddy’s Hawg Sauce began over 40 years ago. I’ve always loved to cook (especially ribs and pork) and I’d always wanted to make my own special barbecue sauce so, one day I bought a 5 gallon stainless steel pot, lots of delicious ingredients, and started creating what is now, Mack Daddy’s Hawg Sauce.

There are so many ingredients in this sauce it would take my wife, Josie, and myself forever just to put all the ingredients in the pot. We slow cooked the sauce for hours, stored it in mason jars, and started handing it out to all our friends, family, and customers.

Demand for my sauce rose to a point where my customers were asking for cases of it. I realized then that demand had surpassed my ability to produce it at home so I found a company to produce it for me. With all of the rave reviews I had received over the years and the National Barbecue Association (NBBQA) awarding my sauce 2nd place “Award of Excellence” in the “Tomato Mild” category, my son and daughter (Tommy and Tiffany) finally convinced me to bring my sauce to market. I let them choose the name, we designed the labels together, and before you knew it…Mack Daddy’s Hawg Sauce was in business.

Mack Daddy’s Hawg Sauce is perfect for grilling, marinating, glazing, and dipping and goes well on pretty much anything (pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and venison).  Mack Daddys’ Hawg sauce is: All Natural, Contains NO High Fructose Corn Syrup, Contains NO MSG, and is Gluten Free. We have 5 delicious BBQ flavors now and we hope you’ll give it a try. Thank you from our family to yours.